Satoma Cycles is a one man show. Myself, SaiTong Man.

Founded in 2014 in Cambridge, UK. I build bespoke bicycle frames and components in a workshop located inside my house.

Following college education in Physics, Maths and Design & Technology I followed an engineering path and graduated from The University of Nottingham with a degree in Mechanical Design, Materials and Manufacture. Realising I preferred the design aspects of life, less the mathematics of it, I chose to move into a career as a designer, a video games designer.

For 12 years I worked for a company called Ninja Theory Ltd (formerly Just Add Monsters Ltd), and here I worked my way up to become the company's Principal Designer. I focused on the interactions between the user and the gaming world, story telling, visual feedback, haptic feed back, audio feedback, level design, gameplay design, graphic & UI design. During my time at Ninja Theory Ltd I crafted numerous award winning games, number 1 hits, travelled the world, and the work I have been involved in has been nominated for numerous BAFTAs.

Outside the virtual world of games and in the real world I made furniture out of wood. Completely hand crafted from exotic hewn chunks of wood from all around the world. Planing, sawing and chiselling wood with absolute precision into its final shapes and assemblies.

Yearning to learn new skill I wanted to go back to my roots, back to engineering, and continue my hand craft. Combining my passion for the bicycle, for engineering and for hand crafted work I begun making bespoke hand-crafted bicycles.

Having now recently moved to Sheffield, my aim now is to live happily and to design and build beautiful things...